My Work

What do you do?

I have worked professionally as a marketer for 4 years. My expertise includes:

  • Growth marketing
  • Facebook Ads / Google Ads
  • Building marketing systems
  • Conversion rate optimisation (CRO / Analytics)

What I do differently: I make every step of the customer journey visible with data so we can optimise the marketing and sales systems. Given some time my work creates an automated marketing/sales machine that predictably generates cashflow.

Who do you work with?

I work with businesses that:

  • Sell direct to consumer.
  • Have annual revenues up to €500.000.
  • Are looking to increase their revenues through paid advertising channels.

If your business or the business you work for fits all of these criteria please consider contacting me by clicking the button below.

Tyre Club

From €6.000 to €30.000 monthly revenue in six months.

In 2021 I worked as a growth marketer for Tyre Club. I was responsible for all of the marketing activities including Google Ads, Facebook Ads and marketing automation.

My strategy was to use Facebook Ads as a way to increase brand awareness and Google Ads to maximise conversions. Once new customers are acquired I used e-mail marketing automations to increase the amount of returning customers and deliver a quality experience.


From 0 to 3.000 leads & €50.000 revenue in 8 months.

In 2020 I built my own e-learning platform. I taught people ages 18-25 about optimising their planning and helped them achieve their goals. The first few months were slow because I was still finishing the product but after that everything accelerated rapidly.

When the product was finished, I built a free version of the product that included a small part of the full version of the product. Next, my friend and I ran Facebook Ads to our target audience with video-ads where I asked them follow the small course for free.

We generated 3.000 leads and over €50.000 from upsells in a few months. On average we paid €5 per lead and achieved a Return On Ad Spend (ROAS) of 3.36, meaning we received €3,36 in revenue for every €1,00 spend on advertising. Partner

€10.000 revenue per month without advertising by leveraging visitors.

In 2019 wanted to find out if it was possible to make money as a partner. The plan was simple: I set aside €2.000 and hired an intern who was eager to learn about e-commerce. Together we began researching successful partners and the type of products they sold.

We made our first investment in a shipment LED Champagne Buckets and because we wrote custom listings we immediately started getting sales. 3 quarters later we broke barrier of €10.000 revenue per month for the first time. Before we had to discontinued the business (due to going back to school) we generated over €100.000 in sales.